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About Me

My first big event planning experience came in the form of an international beauty contest, ‘The Miss/Mr. Expo Aïchi’, a contest held at the World Expo Aïchi (Japan) in 2005. This international experience, where I coordinated between people from several different countries to ensure a smooth event overall gave me a taste of life as an event planner.  Even though I had always played an active role in all my family events and several other ‘unofficial’ events, my success at the World Expo event and the appreciation that I received from everyone there made it clear to me what I wanted to become in the future..

My first big event as an event planner was organising the 25th anniversary of Firegym, a fitness centre in Brussels. This huge event, with over 150 people participating, came as a real challenge. My success at this event gave me all the confidence and motivation that I needed to launch my career as an event planner. I haven’t looked back since. I’ve organised various corporate and private events & parties, and I’m ecstatic (& proud) to say that all of them have been loved and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone present.

Recently, I completed and passed

" The Event Planner Certificate and

The Wedding planner Certificate "

from the International Association of Professions Career College.

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Mishile Kalala Eberhard

My mission is to celebrate life.. and helping you organise and celebrate your special days allows me to do exactly that!

Motemaa Events | Upgrade the Best Moments of Your Life
Motemaa Events | Upgrade the Best Moments of Your Life

Our Beginnings

The name “Motemaa” comes from a lovely contraction of two words: Motema, meaning ‘the heart’ in Lingala (RDC) and “Nausicaa”, the name of my little angel, my daughter.

We listen to your needs, preferences and budget before providing you with expert, personalised ideas for your events.

Your event will represent you and, just like you, it will be unique!

Services Include:

 Social Events:
Wedding, Destination Wedding, Birthday, Christening,...

Corporate events:
Corporate party, Inauguration...

Special event

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