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Destination Weddings: Europe

If you have always envisioned an event marked by exquisite splendour and otherworldly elegance, it is to our delight to welcome you into the reign of utterly picturesque destinations that are bound to steal your breath away.

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Nestled amidst the enchanting landscapes of Europe lie three gems whose beauty and grandeur stand as the epitome of opulence and earthly bliss.

Your everlasting dream of celebrating your memorable event leads you to the borders of Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain, all four of which are able to cater to your refined taste and evoke a sublime experience.

They feature a splendid array of dazzling ceremony sites, ranging from picturesque historic castles and lavish romantic gardens to pristine beaches and impressive mountain ridges.


Therefore, your event could be embellished by the whisper of olden tales, the ethereal beauty of lush floral heavens, the expansive allure of sun-adorned shores, or perhaps the awe-inspiring grandeur of sky-kissing mountains.

The Ultimate European Wedding Experience

Our professional and utterly dedicated team is renowned for curating memorable experiences, exploiting the magnificence each location provides.

 We offer exceptional services that cater to the most delectable tastes and tailor packages to suit your bespoke requirements and budget. 

This ensures you and your beloved guests are taken on a sublime journey, one which is bound to encapsulate all your earthly senses and provide them with a taste of divine bliss.

We're Here to Help, Every Step of the Way

Fluent in English, German, and Spanish, and a native speaker ‘du français’, I will ensure seamless navigation through the labyrinth of logistics and paperwork of obtaining a marriage license.

 We will then arrange a spiritual blessing or the type of ceremony you desire – whether religious or symbolic; and establish the particularities of providing bespoke decor to arrange a flawless affair- an immaculate reflection of your individuality. 




Your pursuit of a scenic location that breathes following the serene beat of nature ends here.


Switzerland is undoubtedly the most divine location on Earth, featuring awe-inspiring sceneries and splendid vistas. Envision uttering your long-awaited “I do’s” amidst the ethereal grandeur of the Jungfrauoch ‘s mountain. Or cheer to the most meaningful event of your lifetime in one of the sprawling vineyards overlooking the majestic Alps, surrounded by your beloved friends and family. Dedicating years of my life to feeding the luscious soul of my personal venture, I assure you that hosting your marriage celebration in Switzerland is an indelible experience in which memories you will revel for a lifetime.

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Prepare to be taken on a romantic voyage inspired by the mythic allure of the Eiffel Tower and the whim to utter ‘je t’aime’ amidst the sun-adorned vineyard Bordeaux & Burgundy.


Get a taste of what being a royalty encompasses as you pledge your love in a mediaeval castle in the ‘vallée de la Loire’. If you wish to embrace your eternal adoration for natural landscapes, hosting a ceremony in the region of Provence will certainly fill your heart and soul with tender sentiments. Simply allow your mind to wander as your eyes revel in the artistic canvas encompassing olive groves, vineyards, and lavender rows that stretch toward the gleaming sunset. And if you have always dreamt of a celebrity treatment, we can assemble the most glamorous experience on the infamous French Riviera. 




From embellishing your celebration with the quintessence of la dolce vita to immersing your iconic day into the historical allure of this breathtaking county, you can expect a soiree beyond your bespoke vision. Allow your nuptial dreams to roam through fine white sand, be astounded by enchanting coves, and bathe in crystalline turquoise sea… a romance longing to be explored along the regions of Apulia, Calabria, or Puglia.


On the other hand, Rome’s centuries-old history and unique culture invite you to step into a land of wonder, making it your perfect haven for a romantic getaway. This special corner of the world will adorn your wedding memories with the most artful memorabilia dipped in passion. However, one region your heart will keep longing for, even after saying I DO, is Toscana. With its characterful and mesmerizing countries, magnificent borgos, and sun-kissed vineyards, lovers will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a wedding location.


Finally, if you seek the perfect blend of nature and artistry, there is no finer location than Lake Como to begin the next chapter of your life together. From aristocratic villas to luxury palace hotels, this is the surreal escape your story has been looking for. Intertwined with freshness from the foot of the Alps and featuring sublime lake horizons, your ceremony backdrop will become the most incredible piece of memorabilia for decades to come.

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Allow the sun’s zeal to bestow its radiant exuberance and envelop your special occasion with a gleaming aura. Embark on an astonishing voyage as you admire the enchanting landscapes and authentic traditions of ‘Catalunya’, revelling at the picturesque sceneries, sun-drenched shorelines, and the historical magnificence of the plethora of castles and haciendas. 


The immaculate glimpse of the picturesque scenery will certainly adorn your bridal photographs. Where the blue sky meets the crystalline ocean, embrace the Beijing of your new life’s journey with a charming dance under the stars of “Andalusia”. Finally, be the creator of your own narrative and allow for the unravelling of a memorable nuptial on the fine-sanded beaches as the turquoise sea plays serene tunes.

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